The Heritage Benefit 
Interested in hearing from the CEO of Heritage Benefits? Here, Bill Spotts takes some time to share his background and the mission of Heritage Benefits.  Go ahead and meet him! 
Meet the Rest of the Team!
True Partnerships - To The Core

“Trust is everything. They have our company’s best interests in mind and even go above and beyond to support everything we do. That holistic approach to our business makes all the difference.” —Dr. Richard S, President, Government Contractor 


“The real value is in the amount of time our company has saved by working with Heritage. Their team is knowledgeable and willing to make the right call for our company. They differ from others because they just do it, and do it better.” —Steven A, Owner, Wholesale Distribution


“They understand the changes that are going on, and stay on top of them as they continue to change. It’s always a moving target – so it’s good to have a partner that will inform and educate us along the way.” —Robert A, CEO, Mechanical Contractor & HVAC Service Provider


“They are proactive, resourceful, and committed to us. The Heritage team has a personal touch that let’s us know they’re invested in the success of our department and the well being of our employees.”—Karen S, HR Director, Large Regional University

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